These days, it seems like everyone is talking about CBD. Dispensaries. Pet stores. Physical therapists. Even the FDA. Since everyone is talking about the benefits of CBD, let’s address a common question that individuals have about CBD use: Will CBD get you high? Let’s find out.

Where Does CBD Come From?

Yes, CBD is associated with cannabis. Today, CBD producers generally source their CBD from hemp. Under federal regulations, a cannabis plant falls under the hemp designation if it has <0.3 % THC. Farmers that produce hemp crops have to abide by strict state regulations. Oftentimes, these hemp plants are sold to producers and used as fibers, building materials, and seeds. Hemp plants contain higher levels of CBD, which is perfect for producers looking to create beneficial CBD products from them.

Yes, CBD and THC are related, however they come from different types of cannabis plants. The kind of plants used to produce the 20%+ THC flower in a Colorado dispensary is very different from the hemp plants that CBD is sourced from.

CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum CBD

CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD are different, which plays a major role in how CBD may affect you.

CBD isolate inherently contains only CBD and no other trace cannabinoids. To make CBD more bioavailable, CBD producers, like Infinite CBD, add terpenes to their products.

Full spectrum CBD can contain other cannabinoids, like THC. While these products are hopefully 3rd party-tested and share their test results, you could be ingesting more THC than you might think. This can be problematic if you have to pass a drug test for work.

If consuming THC is a concern for you, CBD isolate products are the way to go – you get all of the benefits of CBD without the fear of consuming THC.

CBD Effects Everyone Differently

While CBD effects everyone differently, CBD does not get you high. Everyone has different motivations when seeking out the benefits of CBD. If you’re looking for pain relief, CBD may affect you differently from a person seeking its mental health benefits. Everyone’s body behaves differently.

The high associated with THC is not something you should experience when taking CBD. If you do, you need to investigate; ask for test results to make sure the product you’re taking is one of the utmost integrity. When it comes to your health, leave no stone unturned; as the consumer, you have every right to ask the hard questions.

Will CBD Get You High? No, it Shouldn’t

In no way should CBD get you high in the way that THC will. If your CBD products are full spectrum, any THC in them may affect you subtly. Luckily, CBD isolate products only contain CBD, so you can rest easy know that these CBD products won’t get you high. If you are feeling uneasy about the CBD products you’re taking, or how they’re affecting you, you can learn more here.

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