Who cuddles and plays with you, shows you unconditional love and affection, and makes you laugh no matter what? Dogs. Dogs are both a woman and man’s best friend, companion, and comfort when life is tough, confusing, scary, or all the above. They leave paw prints on our hearts and show us what it’s like to care for and love an animal. As of this year, there’s an estimated 900 million dogs worldwide. Out of this number, over 73 million dogs are pets in the U.S., 43 million are pet dogs in Western Europe, and a whopping 110 million dogs are pets in China. Out of all these dogs, countless get ill and suffer from various diseases and ailments.

As opposed to pharmaceutical medications, what if there was a natural form of medicine that’s safe, non-toxic, and medically beneficial? Fortunately, there is. It’s known as CBD or Cannabidiol—derived from cannabis and hemp. If you’re looking for a natural medicine that can help your dog live a better life, read on to find out how CBD can positively impact your companion!

Positive Aspects of CBD for Dogs and Humans

CBD can be derived from industrial hemp and the whole cannabis plant. Regardless of how it’s derived though, it’s an extremely medically and therapeutically beneficial compound. It can significantly help improve people’s well-being and quality of life. However, this cannabinoid can also help treat various medical conditions, diseases, and illnesses. Just like CBD can help humans in these ways, it can do the same for dogs. This is the case because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Since mammals have an ECS, cannabis and different cannabinoids can bind to the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. Thus, feelings of pain, inflammation, nausea, and related symptoms can be relieved or alleviated. The fact that dogs are mammals means that they’ll respond to cannabis and various cannabinoids like CBD. Not only is CBD non-psychoactive, non-toxic, and safe, it also contains multiple medicinal and therapeutic benefits. In many ways, CBD administration can save lives including the lives of dogs. Whether your dog has anxiety, inflammation, pain, nausea, a neurological disorder, or epilepsy, CBD could make life much easier for them.

Research Findings that Support CBD’s Medicinal Value for Human and Animal Consumption

Furthermore, since CBD is non-psychoactive, after consumption, your dog won’t feel high nor will their mind be negatively impacted. However, it’s crucial to not give your dog THC as this could lead to toxicity and overdoses if too much is consumed. Fortunately, most hemp-derived CBD oils on the market contain little to no THC like ours at Infinite CBD. If you purchase CBD oil that’s derived from the whole cannabis plant though, check out the product’s full cannabinoid content before giving it to your k-9 best friend.

Nowadays, most humans experience some degree of anxiety, pain, and/or inflammation. This is also true with dogs, but they can’t verbally express what’s wrong. Instead, pet parents should observe and look for behavioral changes or signs that may indicate a potential problem. Like people, dogs experience anxiety for different reasons. Some dogs have social anxiety, separation anxiety, panic attacks due to PTSD, and noise terrors.

Anxiety Research Findings

Thus far, CBD’s anti-anxiety properties have been discovered. One study found the anxiolytic effects of CBD in subjects with generalized social anxiety disorder (SAD). Then, one experiment that focused on administering CBD to rats with PTSD found noteworthy results. The subjects received CBD doses over time. The experiment then revealed that the incorporation of CBD prohibited long-term anxiety effects. Thus, these results represent the potential of using CBD for the treatment of PTSD.

Then, another set of studies that focused on healthy volunteers, laboratory animals, and patients with anxiety disorders showed valuable results. The researchers concluded that the studies support CBD as a drug with anti-anxiety properties. In general though, various research findings support the usage of CBD for dogs and humans. Also, it turns out that the anxiolytic properties of CBD aren’t too different from traditional pharmaceutical anti-anxiety drugs.

PTSD Research Findings

Just like CBD can help humans who have PTSD, the usage of CBD for dogs could deliver similar results. One study focused on rats with intentionally induced anxiety, and they were given CBD. The researchers concluded that CBD’s positive impact on contextual fear suggests the therapeutic potential of using CBD for the treatment of PTSD.

Another study found that a group of animals who received CBD treatments experienced substantial decreases in explosive flight and defensive immobility. These findings indicate CBD’s potential in the regulation of panic attacks.

Cancer Research Findings

Additionally, CBD can help treat cancer and many of its symptoms in humans. However, the usage of CBD for dogs can help them manage cancer-related symptoms too. So far, it has been discovered that CBD possesses anti-tumoral properties. This cannabinoid can even work to prevent cancerous cells from growing and spreading while inducing tumor cell death. Cannabidiol also contains additional medicinal properties that can help your loving k-9 companion.

Epilepsy Findings

According to certain estimates, roughly 0.5-0.7 percent of dogs experience seizures. Normally, epileptic dogs are prescribed pharmaceutical medications. However, many of these drugs can damage dogs’ liver and other organs. Fortunately, though, the administration of CBD for dogs could deliver effective anti-epileptic properties.

Pain and Inflammation Findings

Next, Cannabidiol contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can be very useful for dogs. After giving your dog CBD, it’s likely they’ll experience relief and physical relaxation after consumption. Overall, multiple diseases and illnesses cause pain in humans and dogs, which can fortunately be relieved via CBD consumption. Also, it turns out that dogs who consume CBD can experience less intestinal inflammation and pain.

Additional Medical & Therapeutic Reasons for Giving CBD for Dogs

Besides the CBD research findings mentioned above, there are other reasons why giving your dog CBD could help improve their life. Some examples include the following:

1.Prevent inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and bring back healthy gut motility
2.Deliver antibiotic properties that are stronger than Vitamin C and E combined; CBD can even fight off Staphylococcus Aureus
3.Deliver neuroprotective properties that can help combat Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease
4.Provide anti-emetic and anti-nausea properties
5.Lessen the damage caused by destroyed blood vessels and abnormal heart rates
6.Protect the body’s blood vessels from getting further damaged
7.Lessen blood pressure and heart rate caused by and/or related to anxiety and stress

Unlike several prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, cannabis, hemp, and various cannabinoids like CBD won’t deliver life-threatening side effects. Also, the body’s organs aren’t negatively impacted nor do dogs feel sedated or dopey after consuming CBD. Remember that CBD oil isn’t a cure for all ailments your pet companion has. But rather, it can help relieve painful symptoms of theirs, so they can live a healthier and more enjoyable life.

Helpful Tips Regarding the Administration of CBD for Dogs

When first giving CBD to your companion, remember these tips:

-Start at low doses and slowly work your way up

-Use the oil form of CBD (It’s easier to mix with food and/or administer it into the mouth quickly and follow up with food)

-Closely observe and monitor your dog after CBD consumption; make note of any changes (positive or negative) and the doses they’re given

-Give your dog an organic form of CBD oil to ensure that they’re not consuming any pesticides or herbicides

-Talk with a holistic veterinarian to get their opinion regarding this form of medicine

Although different studies and clinical trials are still being conducted on CBD, this cannabinoid has a strong safety profile. Just like CBD can help improve a human’s quality of life, it can do that for your dog too. Then, since CBD can be derived from hemp, you can legally purchase it throughout the U.S., Canada, and several other countries.

If your dog best friend is struggling daily, why not try CBD and see if it helps? However, if it’s a matter of life and death, do your cuddly companion a favor and put their health first. Consider giving them CBD and witness the positive and potentially life-changing impact this cannabinoid can have.

If interested, check out our CBD pet droppers and help your dog live a healthier life just like you want for yourself!