The nervous system is responsible for transmitting messages throughout the body. These messages control movement and send vital survival signals to the brain. This system plays an important role in our day-to-day life, but how does CBD affect the nervous system?

Nervous System Pathways

In the nervous system, there are billions of cells called neurons. The structure of a neuron is much like that of any other cell in the body; it has a cell body, nucleus, and extensions that act similar to antenna. Known as dendrites, these antennae receive signals, sending them along to other neurons and ultimately to the brain, where they are processed and interpreted by the central nervous system, which is located in the brain and throughout the central nervous system.

The nervous system helps you to interpret the information you see and hear and smell, the things you taste, and your sense of touch. Additionally, your nervous system sends messages to your muscles which dictates your movements.

There are many disorders and conditions that can affect the functioning of the nervous system and its pathways. Epilepsy is a condition that profoundly affects nervous system function by disrupting and overloading the brain with unpredictable electrical signals. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis not only wear down neurons and their pathways but also a person’s ability to cognitively process information effectively. In addition, chronic inflammation or brain and spinal injuries can also negatively impact nervous system pathways and overall functioning.

How Can CBD Affect the Nervous System?

CBD affects the nervous system positively in numerous ways. In a general sense, CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory. When taken orally or applied topically, anti-inflammatory CBD helps to protect the nervous system by ensuring that its pathways are effective.

More specifically, CBD fights against disorders and conditions that harm the nervous system. For example, a recent study shows that CBD inhibits anandamide, and thereby increases protective endocannabinoid brain synapses. Other studies show that CBD has the profound ability to temper a variety of epileptic conditions, which has even led to an FDA approved CBD medication.

It is clear that through a number of means, CBD positively affects the nervous system, in a general sense, but also through the lens of specific dilapidating medical conditions.

CBD Products for the Nervous System

With the nervous system in mind, there are a few products that can work particularly well when addressing inflammation or conditions that affect the nervous system.

For those who suffer from a chronic pain condition that affects their nervous system throughout the day Asteroid Gummies are great options. For on-demand pain relief and increased focused, these CBD isolate gummies are all-natural, vegan, and can be used subtly through the day as needed.

Isolate Capsules are also a fantastic option for those experiencing a nervous system condition. This delivery method provides a consistent dose of CBD, and powdered coconut oil which makes the benefits of CBD more bioavailable and effective.

CBD Positively Affects the Nervous System

The latest research suggests that CBD positively affects the nervous system and any nervous system conditions you may experience. For more information on how CBD can help you, you can learn more here. Now you never have to ask yourself how CBD affects the nervous system.