When you love your pets, seeing them experience health problems is troubling. Barbara saw her 17-year-old cat Xena suffering and decided to turn to CBD to provide her with relief. This is a CBD love story with Xena the cat.

CBD Education

It all started with Barbara’s pursuit of CBD education. She began researching CBD and the endocannabinoid system in 2015. Upon discovering that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, but finding little information on how CBD can help felines specifically, she made an executive decision to start CBD to her cat Xena in August of 2018.

At the time, Xena had a sinus infection and had been steadily losing weight.

The First Time Xena Was Given CBD

Xena was first given CBD about 20 minutes before taking a trip to the vet. Unlike her usual vet routine, Xena did not cry at all on the way there or after the appointment.

At the appointment, Xena was given an antibiotic for an ear infection. In addition, the veterinarian informed Barbara that 2 of Xena’s teeth were bad and should be removed, but that anesthesia for a 17-year-old cat could be dangerous. Barbara opt’d to not have the teeth removed in the interest of Xena’s safety.

Since that day, and Xena’s success before and after the vet appointment, Barbara has given Xena 6 drops of 600mg tincture twice a day.

Long-Term Impact of CBD on Xena’s Health

Since beginning a CBD routine, Barbara reports that Xena “her quality of life has improved. She plays like a kitten, is more social, and has an improved appetite.”

Barbara reports that there is no longer inflammation in the gums surrounding the 2 teeth that the vet recommended pulling. Xena has also gained weight, is more excited about enjoying crunchy cat treats, and experiences less anxiety when interacting with other cats in the house.

Pet Droppers by Infinite CBD

Xena isn’t the only pet whose found relief with CBD. Pet Droppers have improved the lives of cats, dogs, horses, and every animal in between. The best part about Pet Droppers? They’re lab-tested and upheld to the same standards of quality as the Isolate Droppers; this means that your pet is getting the purest CBD on the market.

As pet owners continue to discover the ways in which CBD improves the lives of their pets, expect CBD to become a staple in your pet’s health routine.

A CBD Love Story

Xena’s CBD love story is just one of many. We are thrilled that CBD has helped her, and her owner Barbara, live a more fun, energetic, and worry-free life.

Does your pet have a CBD love story? Share it will us in the comments!

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